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Club penguin New Better Igloos Catalog Cheats

Hey guys,

The new club penguin better igloos catalog or furniture catalog is out and there are alot of cheats.

Here are the cheats:

1. Click on the tree stump to get the clover balloon.

2. Click on the stone of the wishing well to get the clover garland.


3. Click on the mailbox to get the Blue lamp.


4.Click on the ski rack to get the snowboard rack.


5. Click on the stone couch to get the portal box


6. Click on the stone lamp to get the HD TV.

Thats all!



Club Penguin Fairy Fables Play Back

Hey every one,

The old Fairy Fables play is back to the stage, I think most of you voted for it to come back.

Also check out the catalog for the costumes of this play.

There is only one cheat,  the same as the last time:

Click on the CD player to get the silver wand.

Comment telling us your opinion about this play.


Club Penguin Newspaper issue #221

Hey every one,

Club penguin has released out the new newspaper issue.

Coming events:

January 8: Fairy Fables Play is back
January 8: New postcards
January 15: Better igloos and igloo upgrade catalogs
January 15: New pin hidden


Club penguin New Pin Cheat-Fireworks Pin

Hey guys,

I wasnt posting since a long time cause I was very busy. I will be posting back and sorry if you were sad. The new club penguin pin is out.

To get the pin:

1.Go to the beach
2.Go to the light house
3.Click on the fireworks pin
4.Click yes

Thats all!


New Snow & and Sports Catalog cheats!

Hey every one,

Club penguin released a new snow and sports catalog.

There are some great cheats so lets start with them.

1.Click on the dark green penguin standing to get the green hockey jersey.


2.Click on the light green penguin standing to get the Green Goalie Gear.


3.Click on the word “ICE” to get the white pom-pom.

Thats all!


New Members Only Snow Maze!

Hey every one,


Finally, after a long time club penguin released the new members game. It is very cool. If you dont believe me go try it by your self. If you didnt do it from the first time try again, it is so hard.

HINT: Take a picture of the map and keep it in paint and solve the maze!

When you are done you will enter the yeti cave, here is how it looks:


There is a member free item, here is how to get it:

1.Click on the box with many costumes inside it.

2.Click yes when the box pops up.

There is also a non-member free item, to get it:

1.Go to the mountain,click on the box filled with toque.

2.Click yes when the box pops up.

It looks so cool!


New Club Penguin Play and Secret Room and Pin Cheats!

Hey everyone,

The new Club Penguin play at The Stage is Norman Swarm is now there!

Theres a secret room in the stage and its hard to get in. Here is how to do it:

Stand on the rock shaped x near the big rock. Ask at least 4 more penguins to stand with you. One of them must be a bug, when all 5 penguins are there the rock will start moving and there will be a hole in which you go in from it.


Now you are in the secret gnome. To get the pin stand on the rock shaped x near the big treasure chest and wait till 4 more penguins stand with you.


Then the chest will start shining and it will open. Click on the diamond inside the chest to get the club penguin latest pin.


Now you have the Magic Phial Pin!

Thats all!