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Club penguin Puffle Rescue Game Out!

Hey guys,

The new Club penguin Puffle rescue game is out, and also the cave is opened again.

If you want to try the puffle rescue game, go to the mine and click on the wooden board with puffle pictures on it.

Then choose the color of puffle you want to rescue ; blue. pink or black.

You should be a member to choose pink or black, but you can play blue for free!

When you finish, you will get a letter saying thank you from the puffle you rescued.

There are lots of levels and higher levels are more difficult than lower ones.

Do you like the game, comment telling us your idea about it.



Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Game

Hey guys,

Club penguin posted a new post on the whats new blog saying that the puffle rescue game will be realeased on 15th march. They also posted some screen shots of different levels from the game.

The penguin play awards will begin on Thursday and you will be able to vote for your best play.