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Club penguin Pin Cheat- Buckle Boot Pin

Hey guys,

I have not been posting for nearly 1 or 2 months because i travelled to canada and I was so busy there. From today, ill be posting all of the cheats. So, the new club penguin pin is out. To find it:

1.Go to the Town.
2.Go to the Night Club.
3.Go upstairs.
4.Click on the Buckle Boot Pin.

Now you will have the latest pin in your inventory!



Club Penguin Fairy Fables Play Back

Hey every one,

The old Fairy Fables play is back to the stage, I think most of you voted for it to come back.

Also check out the catalog for the costumes of this play.

There is only one cheat,  the same as the last time:

Click on the CD player to get the silver wand.

Comment telling us your opinion about this play.


Club Penguin New Postcards

Hey every one,

Club penguin released out some new cool postcards, you can send them to all your online friends.

Hope you liked them!


Club Penguin Reviewed By You

Hey every one,

In the last week Reviewed By You club penguin asked us about our favorite play at the Stage.

Club penguin posted Odnan`s review which was choosed from million of reviews. Here is what he wrote:

“My favorite play is The Penguins That Time Forgot. I love the special FX and the costumes. And the script is really good too. And last I like acting in the play with my buddies and having fun! I hope if it returns everyone has as much fun as I did. Waddle On!”


Congratulation Odnan you will be given 10 1000 coins!


Club Penguin Newspaper issue #221

Hey every one,

Club penguin has released out the new newspaper issue.

Coming events:

January 8: Fairy Fables Play is back
January 8: New postcards
January 15: Better igloos and igloo upgrade catalogs
January 15: New pin hidden


Club Penguin You Decide-Best Play

Hey every one,

The new year arrived, and club penguin likes to add some memories of the last year by getting back the best play. You can choose your best play by your self by going to the community bog. Here are the last year plays you can vote for.

1 2

Also you can choose the best play for this year’s Penguin Play Awards. Here are the plays you can choose.


4 5


Comment telling us what did you choose.



Club Penguin New Servers

Hey everyone,

Club penguin released out some new servers, here are the servers:


Thats all!