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Club penguin Puffle Rescue Game Tips By Screenhog!

Hey guys,

Screenhog posted some tips for the puffle rescue game on the what`s new blog, here is what he said:

By now many of you have probably tried out the new Puffle Rescue game in the Mine. If you haven’t, I definitely suggest heading down and trying it out. It’s a lot of fun and very different from other Club Penguin games.


For everyone who’s trying to get the hang of the game, I thought I’d post some suggestions and tips that have worked for me so far.


1. Look before you leap… or swim.


It helps to look ahead and plan your jumps. Remember that while you only have a little time to act, looking ahead and waiting for the best chance works well.


2. Sometimes ‘close’ is close enough. 


If you mistime your jump, or if you need to make a fast leap, you can still land safely even if your aim isn’t perfect. You’ll grab onto moving platforms automatically if you’re close enough…



Close enough.jpg


3. Watch for new challenges.


At first, each level you reach will introduce a new challenge. Be cautious – there are tons of break-away platforms and ice chunks, along with sharks, bumpers, cannons and more. Pay close attention until you master all of them…



4. Last but not least, a few hidden tricks…

 Have you tried standing on the mine carts until they leave the screen yet? Try it out! And if it gets too dark for you in the mine levels, remember that standing on the black and white check points will give you more light.

Do you guys have any other suggestions? If you can spare a moment from rescuing, I’d love to hear any tips you may have in the comments.

 Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the new game.

 Waddle on!”

Hope it helped you!



Club penguin New Reviewed By You!

Hey guys,

As you know, every week there is a new reviewed by you post in the club penguin what`s new blog, and this time Violet5550 got his review posted.

Violet5550 said:

“I would get a group of pioneering penguins and together we would make a quest for the missing puffles. We would dress up as safely as we could wearing a helmet and safety jacket then get our super long powered torches and set of into the pitch black caves and hopefully rescue all the puffles and be known as heroes! After that we would relax at the coffee shop!”


Congratulations Violet5550 for getting your review posted and also for getting 10,000 coins on your penguin account.


Club penguin Puffle Rescue Game Walkthrough

Hey guys.

I made this video to show you how to play the puffle rescue game, its a very cool game.

I hope this video helped you.


Club penguin Puffle Rescue Game Out!

Hey guys,

The new Club penguin Puffle rescue game is out, and also the cave is opened again.

If you want to try the puffle rescue game, go to the mine and click on the wooden board with puffle pictures on it.

Then choose the color of puffle you want to rescue ; blue. pink or black.

You should be a member to choose pink or black, but you can play blue for free!

When you finish, you will get a letter saying thank you from the puffle you rescued.

There are lots of levels and higher levels are more difficult than lower ones.

Do you like the game, comment telling us your idea about it.


Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Game

Hey guys,

Club penguin posted a new post on the whats new blog saying that the puffle rescue game will be realeased on 15th march. They also posted some screen shots of different levels from the game.

The penguin play awards will begin on Thursday and you will be able to vote for your best play.


Club penguin New Better Igloos Catalog Cheats

Hey guys,

The new club penguin better igloos catalog or furniture catalog is out and there are alot of cheats.

Here are the cheats:

1. Click on the tree stump to get the clover balloon.

2. Click on the stone of the wishing well to get the clover garland.


3. Click on the mailbox to get the Blue lamp.


4.Click on the ski rack to get the snowboard rack.


5. Click on the stone couch to get the portal box


6. Click on the stone lamp to get the HD TV.

Thats all!


Club penguin igloo upgrades catalog cheats

Hey guys,

The new club penguin igloo upgrades catalog is out. There arn`t alot of cheats this time.


Here are the cheats:

1. Click on the metal crowbar on the right top corner to get the secret stone igloo.


2. Click on the igloo door to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo.

Hope you liked it!